The Palmar Surf School ® is a school created 14 years ago by Jose Reimundo, member of the committee of the Spanish Surf Federation, founder of the first surfing club in Palmar, national and international surfing judge, trainer of surfing coaches, And with an experience of more than 20 years in the teaching and didactics of this sport and its constant evolution.

Our school was created in 2002, and it has the main objetive to improve the teaching of surf how it was conceived our sport until that moment. Our school covers all the areas of our sport, from the Surf Base until the formation of technical and professionals, also we make an especific surf trainning, using video recording, image contrast correction....

Also, in addition to our school, we thought that we should to bring the surf to the most little kids, and that is why we began several years ago talks and mettings at schools where for the first time a lot of kids touched a surfboard. Then they could know elements like a surfboard, paraffins, wetsuits... They also could know markings at the beachs in summer and its meaning. 

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We have to note that in the year 2006, we were able to, together with the FGS (Galician Surf Federation) to perform the First Training Course for monitors in Andalucia.

Shortly after we got bouyage and marking of a surf bounded area, with respect to bathers, because in summer it was absolutely necessary to the conviviality of bathers and sufers.

Then we examined the possibility of improving the rescue with surfboard even reaching to create a prototype. We tested it together with the specialist companies in the rescue on the beaches of Conil and El Palmar. After a lot of studies and tastings. We got the conclusión that in the vast majority of cases a surftable with the required spot, is more proper for transporting a wounded person than a wáter bike.

But our improvement keep going, since we are setting a standard in the didactics of the Surf of base, looking for with our experience and every day, the best way to solve every problem or particular case that could arise. Our school is in constant growth and improvement of their teachings ways.  

With the time we were clamping and consolidating as the main school of Surf of the area, even we obtained the first and different distinctions beyond by the 2004. As well as approvals of oficial school in the face of organisms e institutions as the Spanish Fedaration of Surf, the Academy of Surfing Instructors, the International Surf Association, the Federation Galega of Surf, the Asturian Federation of Surf , the environment, tourism and sports delegation.



Currently we are the only School in Andalucia, which the new monitors can make their offcial practices, while they are accompained by Offcials Intructors.

Also we have private showers, board storage, warehouse, lockers for personal items,garden for the convenience of our costumers. So, here you could feel like at home. 

So far we could say that we keep learning of every course that we make. In each course we always applaud the ability of overcoming of our pupils. For us, the smile of satisfaction of each one, is the best reward at the end of each class.

Our main objetivo is that you learn all the neccesary for you can stand-alone in every beach. You could enjoy of the sea everywhere. 

We want to show us everything that we know about SURF. So you just worry about SURFING, and ENJOYING with this awesome sport.





  • 5clases
    100,00 €

    PAYMENT OF 5 LESSONS Every lesson last two hours (aprox). Material included Six people per class Diploma of course MORE THAN 2 DAYS RENTAL MATERIAL. Low season prices (1 OCTOBER-30 MARCH)

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    25,00 €

    PAYMENT OF 1 LESSON Every lesson last two hours (aprox). Material included Six people per class Low season prices (1 OCTOBER-30 MARCH)

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    69,00 €

    PAYMENT OF 3 LESSONS Every lesson last two hours (aprox). Material included Six people per class 15% DISCOUNT RENTAL MATERIAL Low season prices (1 OCTOBER-30 MARCH)


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